You shouldn't have done that...

He is from Majora's Mask ARG.

According to Tessie, he's a pervert because he watches ladies in the ladies room. (IT'S TRUE. - Tessie.)

He is often found creepy by most people. (Again, true. - Tessie)

Random Info About BEN.Edit

  • He's a pervert.
  • The song Somebody's Watching Me so fits him.
  • He watches ladies in the ladies room.
  • Tessie hates him and wants to throw him off a cliff and for him to never return after that.
  • "I always feel like something's watching me, like I got no privacy!" - Somebody's Watching Me.

Comments ABout Ben From Other PeopleEdit

  • You shouldn't have done that... -BEN on Almost Everything
  • You shouldn't have written that... -BEN on this article

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