Everybody's favorite citrus-feline celebrity

Cat Grapefruit is a cat that is also a grapefruit. He has won many awards in cat and grapefruit-related categories and is very famous throughout the universe for his cat-grapefruit-related antics. He has been featured in many magazines related to citrus and feline high life, and he has been nominated six times for the Retrograde Award of Greatness in the category of Greatest Citrus-Feline actor, but he has been beaten every time by Jaguar Lime. He Has Made Memorable Appearances in The Following Movies, Televison Shows, and Skits:

Whose Cat Grapefruit Is It Anyways?

I Don't Think So, Joseph

The Fresh-Squeezed Prince Of Bel-Air

Leave It To Cat Grapefruit

Everyone Hates Grapefruit

Grapefruit Slightly to the Side


The Moving Rot

What The Hell is Going on Larry

I Swear To God If I See that Fucking Cat Grapefruit ONE MORE TIME

Cat Grapefruit Hates The Universe

No Thanks, Poptart Sam

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