• Space man
    Obstensively: Extremely, particularly, and inherently.
  • Keelimae: STFU
  • Toice vone: When you vone a toice
  • Overexcessive: When something is so excessive that it's past the point of being excessive and is now overexcessive.
  • Inconcessantly: Incessantly, but as a group of people or things rather than one group or thing doing something incessantly.
  • Renderez: Go to hell
  • Yakemo: Go chew a dick
  • Quyxyolyus: The most severe, foul curse word in the entire universe. Uttering it is considered worthy of capital punishment on at least 700 different planets.
  • Presant: Ants given as a a present,
  • Sousage: A sage that is also a sou chef.
  • Implural: Wrong in every sense of the word; improper.
  • Zo: Even more than so.
  • Reboob: To boob again; to restart your boob.
  • Rebob: To bob again.
  • Boggers: People who go spelunking in a bog.
  • Boobers: People who go spelunking in boobs.
  • Burgerfly: An animal native to the Burgerlands.
  • Abiltional: To be a terrible person; indicative of a terrible person.
  • Befanglerly: In a way befitting of something of something fanglery.
  • Fanglery: Vicious and having many fangs.
  • Turbo Napping: Napping in a very extreme, turbo fashion.
  • Bady: A butt lady.
  • PffbllGGHAAAAAAA: The.
  • Favin: A cow party.
  • Nagit: An it that nags a large amount.
  • Fat Free Fat Cakes: A tasty snack that people buy to lose weight but actually they cause immediate excessive weight gain.
  • Polks: Fucker.
  • Beefanglerly: In a way befitting of a bee that is fanglery.

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