General healing is the simplest form of Regenerative Magic. Even the most terribly unexperienced non-magic-users can master it easily. Anyone can do it, even *shudder* NORMAL people.


  • Concentrate your energy and, if you are a Light Aura user, Light Aura, into your hand. It should glow ice blue, though with some the color is different. It doesn't matter, really.
  • Raise your hand slightly towards the person you are trying to heal.
  • Concentrate your thoughts on healing that person...

That should only take a matter of seconds. The person you are healing should now be healed.

Deep HealingEdit

Deep healing is a significantly more thorough form of healing, and is much more difficult to master. It allows for healing not only of wounds, but also of things such as underlying residual damage from things such as diseases, conditions such as anemia, and prolonged starvation, among others. Deep healing generally requires physical contact to be made, and usually takes longer than general healing. The person being healed will normally be overcome with an extreme sense of pleasantness and occasionally go slightly numb while the healing takes place, which prevents any pain that would be caused during the fixing of certain types of damage from being felt.

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