Jaguar Lime got ALL that shit.

Jaguar Lime is a Great Citrus-Feline actor who is both a jaguar and a lime. He has beaten Cat Grapefruit for the Retrograde Award of Greatness in the Catergory of Greatest Citrus-Feline Actor 6 Times in a row. He makes notable appearances in the Following shows and movies:

Jaguar Lime Got All That Shit

Jaguar Lime Got All That Shit: The Movie: The Series

Whoa Jowyata, Not Today

Eww, Why Would You Do That

I've Had Just About Enough Of Claire

F.L.A.S.H. The Series

Richard Baldwin and the Great Alaskan Pearch

Two Thousand Six hundred Thirty-Five In The 80s

Get in the Car The Thrilling Trilogy

Stupid Romance and Citrus

Prime and Prejijuice

Damn Son, That's Sour

Pediatrican What

Fuckmouth On Wheels

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