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Yatta! Irrational Exuberance

Yatta! Irrational Exuberance



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Confection Sickness:Edit

It'd been about three days since they'd started up the mountain and ended up getting hopelessly lost, and about half a day since they'd completely run out of food and water. The one with the red sweater under his bundle of clothing meant for cold weather was just as exhausted as the rest of them were by this point, though his posture may have been betraying this, being stiff as it usually was. He was beginning to harbor concern for his younger
Student teacher time

An Kankri

brother, who was beginning to show significant signs of illness, though his expression was as betraying as his posture. "Karkat," he began, (and when he began it always erupted into more than entirely necessary,) "are y9u certain y9u sh9uld 6e c9ntinuing t9 walk in this state? Y9u really sh9uldn't strain y9urself, particularly n9t in this kind 9f envir9nment. If y9ur illness w9rsens, it's unlikely that we'll 6e a6le t9 get y9u anywhere that w9uld significantly help in time. I may n9t speak f9r every9ne present, 6ut I d9n't think any9ne w9uld mind carrying y9u if 6eing carried w9uld help prevent y9ur c9nditi9n w9rsening due t9 strain, even if it may p9tentially 6e c9nsidered a6leist that y9u w9uld 6e receiving help in that manner while s9me particular pers9ns wh9 are c9mpletely una6le t9 walk due t9 6eing differently a6led are n9t given help 9f that kind..." It is likely that he would continue further unless interrupted.

"I'LL BE FINE, LETS JUST.. KEEP WALKING, ALRIGHT?" The younger brother, Karkat, interrupted with mildly slurred speech. He Tried to expending the rest of his available enegry (the remainder that didnt just right up dissolve at the very arrival and presence Of The Virus. In the same way a Group of Sentient Ice Beings Standing Ontop Of a Volcano React When Lava Starts Errupting out of it.) On walking. Despite His Current worsening Condition, And  (Progressively More And more) Frequent But Short Breaks, He could Still walk (ableit with some Difficulty). 

"Y9u're c9mpletely sure? Y9u d9n't l99k t9 6e d9ing t99 well, and I can't imagine remaining active rather than resting is helping y9u t99 much-" The interruption came from the insides of the friend walking behind him this time. There was a relatively awkward silence for a few seconds before he gave an irritated huff and began to speak. "remind me, VWHOSE bright idea vwas it to take this little trip, again?"