Next to our large house, Tessie, Pika, Shiki, Neku, and kids all have three [vapid, insolent] neighbors.

They are all [vapid and insolent]  and named Dude 1, 2, and 3. They all have [vapid, insolent] boys that call her a "rat" and they are giant bitches. They even drive a tractor on the road and fix their damn car in the middle of the night. They let their dog with a choker collar on the yard lawn.

Random Facts About The DudesEdit

  • They're all fucking bitches and whores.
  • Their wives smoke cigarettes in the middle of the fucking night.
  • Their dogs bark all the time.
  • Their puppy threw a cat up and down in its mouth and it lived to tell the tale surprisingly.
  • They like to be a bitch and fix their car engine at eleven PM at night.
  • They fucking drive tractors on the road in front of a vehicle.
  • They mow on our law.
  • They're seriously bitches.
  • Their boys called Tessie a rat.
  • FIN.