The events of Miniplots will be recorded here in the following format:

Miniplot Name HereEdit

  • short description of Miniplot here*

Who died during this miniplot? (because usually at least one person does)Edit

-Name Of Person Here (How They Died Here)

Miniplot SynopsisEdit

  • summary of Miniplot here*

The Undiscovered Spatial PocketEdit

  • They end up in a undiscovered world with interesting things. Shenanigans and Survival ensue

Who died during this miniplot?Edit

  • Sollux Captor (???)

Miniplot SynopsisEdit

Everybody gets dropped on a planet when reality gets fixed. Karkat, Eridan, and Errkat cannot breathe at first, and Karkat injures himself badly on the way down. They are given help, and then everyone just kind of scatters for a bit and explores (sans a few). A brush fire is detected by someone of lesser importance, and a few people go off to tell everyone else. Karkat finds Sollux dead and has a brief nervous breakdown, then capchalogues the parts of him and goes on his way. Everybody is eventually assembled at the then current home base (sans one), Sollux is revived, and Pika seeks out Marilyn, then fails miserably and passes out. Everybody heads to a new place to establish a shelter.

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