Tyztylthyol is a chemical produced by a group of microscopic symbiotes that very rarely inhabit the bloodstreams of seemingly random individuals. It is the only known cure for Excedratoxin, and also neutralizes most toxins and diseases. Any toxin, virus, or bacteria capable of being neutralized by tyztylthol will, upon contact with tyztylthol, cause the symbiote that produced it (and all symbiotes of the same group within the host) to gain the ability to secrete said toxin, virus, or bacteria, which in turn allows the host to distribute said material via secretions from the salivary glands. The host is capable of controlling blood acid levels through a mild psychic connection with the symbiote group, although the host does not always become aware of this. While this has no effect on the host (as the host cells have almost complete acid resistance in 100% of cases), increasing blood acid levels while symbiote-contaminated blood originating from the original host is inside of another individual can prove fatal for said individual.

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